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What Facebooks News Feed Changes Mean for Your Business Page

By |Syracuse Social Media Marketing|

What Facebooks News Feed Changes Mean for Your Business Page Facebook recently shook the digital marketing world with the announcement of their News Feed algorithm change which puts a priority on personal accounts over business pages. This understandably meant a lot of anxiety among business owners who have invested a lot of time and effort [...]

Social Media Marketing – Taking a 360 Degree Approach for Results

By |Syracuse Digital Marketing|

Social Media Marketing: A 360 Strategy Bringing Website Design and Social Media Marketing Strategy together. When you hear the words “social media” and “website design,” would you combine them to say “socially connected website?” Normally, when a small business owner thinks of social media in the context of their overall digital marketing and website design strategy, [...]

Website Performance Considerations for Small Business

By |Web Design Syracuse NY|

Page Speed, Content Optimization, & Mobile Performance For too many small business owners in Syracuse and around the country, digital marketing for their company basically begins and ends with the company's website. But once you install a website analytics tool such as Google Analytics and look at the visitor traffic coming to your website, it [...]

Internet Video Marketing for the Hair Restoration Industry

By |Syracuse Social Media Marketing|

Hair Restoration Marketing: It Has It's Challenges The hair restoration and hair replacement industry can be an especially difficult challenge when it comes to digital marketing strategy.  Wigs, rugs and toupees have been around forever, it seems, and although it is a huge industry with millions of potential patients and clients, the challenge for hair [...]

Mobile Friendly Web Design with WordPress

By |Web Design Syracuse NY|

With the roll-out of Google's "mobile first" algorithm update, getting your website design up to date has become a priority for a lot of small business owners. What Google has said is that if they see your website as being mobile friendly, they will basically look more favorably on your website and potentially give it [...]

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