Local SEO: Creating Content for Higher Local Search Rankings

Best Syracuse NY Local SEO PracticesIn today’s ever-changing digital marketplace, consumers use search engines primarily to learn about local business and services near them. Back in the days before the internet, a business owner would rely on direct mail, flyers, and of course local newspaper ads. But today, it’s all online.

And with the advent of online marketing, it is all about local search engine visibility to generate leads, make the phone ring, and connect with your customers and prospects. And that means growing your local search engine visibility and rankings. One essential tool in growing your online search visibility is by creating locally-relevant website content. The type of content is uniquely targeted at your local market areas to reach local prospects and customers.

Here are a few considerations and tips for creating locally focused content that will give your business the local ranking and visibility it needs to attract local customers.

1. Focus on Your Community, Not Your Business

Every piece of content on your website should not be about trying to market the products and services your business offers. Business is business, and marketing is central to business success, but you still want to tie into locally relevant events and topics wherever possible. Beyond local search engine visibility, it creates a branding and public relations opportunity to give your prospects a reason to do business with you, instead of your competitors. Maybe you are having an employee night at the ball park, or participating in a charity run at the park. Showcase your community involvement in your website’s blog and promote it on social media.

2. Target specific areas in your marketplace.

In the local Syracuse area, for example, maybe you want to target an event in a nearby city or village. This will not only help you gain visibility for these localities, but it will help people in those locations feel a connection to you and your business.

One effective content type is a case study or a blog post about a recent project your company completed for a customer. Include pictures and video for deeper engagement. If there is something unique about the project or area, bring that into the story as well.

3. Write About Local Events

Every locality has a unique personality and flavor. In upstate New York, there is the Finger Lakes region, well known for its vineyards and magnificent lakes. In more urban settings, maybe a tie-in to local events and charities could be a possibility.

The great thing about this style of blog post, of course, is that you can highlight your own interests and passions and let your customers and prospects get to know you and feel comfortable doing business with you.

4. Target Local Businesses and Organizations

One of the most important aspects of local search engine optimization is creating inbound links to your website. Quality links from relevant websites matter a lot. To encourage recognized local organizations to link to your website, create content that they want to link to.

For example, maybe your local chamber of commerce is doing a special event. Attend, take pictures, and do an amazing write-up on it. Then let them know about your blog post. Chances are, they may link to it and share it.

When it comes to ranking in the search engines the sites that link out to your site matter a lot. Quality and relevance of links matter much more than quantity.

To encourage local organizations, businesses, and websites to link out think about how you can create content that speaks to their needs directly. One client of ours did an amazing write-up for a local cancer society. Think about how you can cultivate a sense of community, with inbound links to your website that will stand the test of time, Google search algorithms, and long term public relations and brand building.

5. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

There’s nothing more powerful that showing off reviews from satisfied clients. Maybe a customer left a glowing review for your company on your Facebook page or Google My Business. Quote the review, link to it for authority, and develop it into a case study where you break down the needs and requirements of the job, and how you met those needs. These make great blog posts of enduring value, and can be used in future advertising campaigns, either online or elsewhere.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas and sparked your creative juices to help you tailor and create content and spark search visibility for you in your local market areas. If all this seems a little daunting and you want or need some help making your local content and marketing efforts pay off, we’re always here to help. Give us a call today.