Some business owners have an idea of what is involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but few know enough to build and maintain a website that is compliant with all things search engines like Google are looking for that will give your website the possible Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking.

There are certain factors that can cause Google to either penalize your website or boost its ranking. Those factors are ever-changing.

Streamlined Design: A common penalty business website suffers is slow page loads. This can happen with a website when a website has been updated a log and has junk code fragments that can cause delays. It can also occur from a lot of graphics trying to load all at once. Your website pages need to be streamlined to get the fastest page load possible.

SSL Implementation: Your website should have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. It’s important because Google now uses SSL as a ranking signal and if your site doesn’t have one it will get penalized in the SERPs. When your website has one Google will display a padlock icon next to your URL when using the chrome browser in indicating your site is secure.

When setting it up you have to get the process right or Google will penalize your site for incorrect implementation.

Original, Optimized Content: When your website has fresh content you get rewarded with Google SERPs. If your website has old and outdated content or content that is published elsewhere on the web you will get penalized in SERPs. Continuing to add new content to your website is very important and putting up original content is critical. Your content should be something that your readers will find useful and not spammy. If you do that then your SERP ranking will go up.

SEO for Success

When you work with a company with experience in SEO like ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York then you can ensure that the results you get are the best return on your investment in your business website.