Facebook: Finding and Engaging with Your Potential Customers

As we all know, Facebook has been growing rapidly for years and the enormous amount of traffic and customer engagement to be derived from Facebook is thanks to many key factors.

Facebook has somewhere over 80 million daily active users posting, liking, sharing and commenting and this feedback is key when considering using social media marketing for your business. Some analysts have estimated that Facebook interactions alone provide anywhere from 15–30% of search referrals. Taken another way, Facebook drives more traffic than Youtube, Yahoo, or Bing combined.

Facebook Customer Engagement. Understanding what type of content engages potential customers helps us understand the type of content we need to focus on when formulating an effective social media strategy, and what type of content to use for search engine optimization (SEO) to boost traffic and revenue for your website and business.

Five Facebook Customer Engagement Tips

  • One of the keys to effective Facebook customer engagement is to make sure that your Facebook audience usage matches your content goals and targets. Find topics that will engage and stimulate a response from your target audience. Keep in mine, Facebook like all social media is at it’s core, social.  Don’t use it as a platform to push a sales pitch. Use it as a platform to engage in conversations and create trust and credibility.
  • Don’t be afraid to Experiment.  You might be surprised at what will engage potential customers and existing clients.  Think outside the box.  Experiment with different topics and phrases to see what works (and what doesn’t) in driving engagement and traffic.
  • Headlines often matter more than content in earning that first initial click. Those five to 15 word headlines are important.
  • Visuals tend to outperform non-visual content and video works enormously well. Engage your audience visually.
  • If your traffic from Facebook has good ROI (Return On Investment) don’t be afraid to pay for advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising can be enormously cost effective when compared to other forms of pay per click (PPC) advertising.