Does your firms’ website design turn browsing individuals into clients? I can say from experience when we have law firms come to us it is often because of frustration because of one of three things. It’s hard to edit and make changes, they’re not getting visitors to their website, or the visitors they do get are not converting.

The good news is that we can help with all three of these areas but today in this article we are going to focus on converting visitors.

Car Accident Law Firm - Website Design SyracuseWhat is a Conversion?
A conversion is what happens when a visitor your website completes a predesignated goal. For a website that sells items, online a conversion would mean the visitor makes a purchase. For services like the legal industry, a conversion would be having an individual contact you through email, form, or a phone call.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the method used to get users to achieve the goal of converting on their website. Depending on the type of business you have these are done specifically based on your users’ actions and the goals you are looking for.

So without further ado, here’s our five of our favorite conversion rate optimization tactics:

1. Clearly State Your Practice Areas
When it comes to a law firm that specializes in car accidents the reason someone would be on your website is that they are looking for help with that type of legal issue. The first step they would do is see if your firm practices in the area they need help with. If your site is designed in a way that makes it easy for them to find your areas of practice, and have designated landing pages with information about them, it can go a long way to help users find exactly what they want.

If you have a page called “services” with a long list of the different services you offer, that can become difficult to navigate and it doesn’t provide much information. It may not offer what the visitor is looking for then they will leave. If you clearly layout our firm’s practice areas in your navigation it can make the process easier that can get your users to convert and reach out.

2. Use Forms on Educational Pages & Blogs
It is not unusual for law firms to share information on their blog or service page. What is often missed as an opportunity is to include a form on these pages? By placing a form there you make it easier for the visitors to reach out to you.

3. Produce a Video to Provide Information
A potential client that is looking at your services to see if you match their needs, but they are also looking at the people behind the firm. One way you can supply this information is through video. Creating a video for some might seem a bit intimidating but it is a fantastic way to let people know about your firm and give them a feel for the attorneys at the firm.

A video can really go along to help with conversions because it not only gives them useful information but it also helps to build trust by seeing and hearing the people behind the firm.

4. Design Custom to your Firm
If your firm offers a unique value proposition to your visitors to your website then you don’t want to try and fit that into a predesigned box. I want a website design that is unique to your firm and fits your culture, values, and mission comfortably. Designing your site specifically for your firm allows for specific calls to action that make sense to your business how you choose for it to be.

5. Include a ChatBot for Questions
If your firm has a tendency to get a lot of email, form submissions, or calls with questions, by adding a chatbot to your website it can be a great way to get visitors on your site to funnel down and give a great first impression of your firm.

A chatbox allows you to be there to answer questions if visitors have them and to quickly put a person behind the website that they may be searching on. This is something they would necessarily get from other firms. This is an inbound marketing strategy that can help fill your funnel.

Looking for help to increase your law firms’ websites conversion rates? Our digital strategists in websites, conversion rate optimization, SEO search engine optimization, and all things digital marketing is here to give your firm’s website the boost it needs.