google moble friendly web design syracuse nyJust like everything else in the online world, Google is continually changing and updating it’s platfor and the way they display and rank websites that have properly search engine optimized. Given the number of times Google updates is search algorithm, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all the changes.

One of the most notable ways that Google is changing the game in website design and search engine optimization is by boosting the search engine ranking position of website that Google determines are mobile friendly. The reason for the shift to giving mobile friendly websites more favorable treatment in search rankings is the increased number of websites being viewed on smartphones (mobile devices) versus tablets or desktop computers.

At the present time, we are seeing most websites that we maintain for our customers being access predominantly via mobile (smartphone) screens (roughly 68% on average). That’s a huge shift from just a few years ago.

So what does this mean for your website if you haven’t refreshed your website design so that it’s mobile friendly?

Mobile First Indexing on Google: What Is It?

Let’s take a look at the details of what constitutes Google’s “mobile first” indexing. Mobile responsive websites have become, in Google’s eyes, the primary and preferred version of your website. That means your mobile optimized website should rank high in search results, typically higher than the desktop version of your website. This doesn’t mean that the desktop version of your website will disappear from search results. Far from it. It just means you may see a loss in search ranking position for your desktop site while a similar responsive website may get a boost in search position.

Ensuring Mobile-First Indexing Success

First of all, if your current website is not created to be “responsive and mobile-friendly,” you may want to seriously consider updating your site as soon as possible (yesterday, if possible) because you are already loosing position to your competitors.

The easiest way to update your website is convert it to a platform that is designed to be responsive and mobile friendly. One of the most popular responsive, mobile friendly website design platforms is WordPress.

But even if your website is already “responsive mobile-friendly,” you need to make sure that it loads quickly. That’s because Google also factors how fast your website loads into where they rank you for your preferred search terms. You can test your website load time speed with Google’s Pagespeed Insights Tool.

The bottom line is that Google wants to make sure that the visitors to your website have the best possible user experience. And you should too. And this is how they are penalizing and rewarding websites that meet or don’t meet the new mobile-first criteria.

How Can We Help?

Our Syracuse website design and Search Engine Optimization team at ATS Design Group in Syracuse knows how critical it is to make sure your website can be viewed and navigated quickly and easily on all platforms, from mobile to tablet to desktop. We build all our websites to be responsive and mobile-friendly, with fast optimized load times and clear, straightforward navigation. We build efficient, elegant websites that convert visitors into leads on your budget and timeframe, always keeping your interests in mind first.

Are you in need of a mobile friendly website design makeover? Contact our Syracuse Web Design and SEO Experts today to find out how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals and get the best search engine ranking possible!