Top Tips Every Business Owner Must Know About Website Usability

website design useability study syracuse nyTo reach and achieve conversions, you need to make your website useful for users. And this idea needs to be front and center whenever you’re contemplating a website design makeover. This can be doubly important if you are thinking about developing an eCommerce website. By not doing so, what is the point of even having a website. That is why we are providing you with a list of helpful and usable tips to help you improve the user experience.

Keep Your Website Content Concise

When it comes to website visitors, they are known to have short attention span and don’t read article thoroughly. Most will skim through webpages to find the information they want. Often this means they look for key words as they browse. A study showed that decreasing the words on a web page can increase usability by 58%.

Shorter article has a higher readability. This is the result of ease of reading and comprehension. By cutting out unnecessary information and getting to the point quickly the information is easier to understand.

Break-Up Long Blog Posts for Easier Reading

Website visitors look at web pages in blocks and sections. It is a good idea to break up long article into section so a reader can scan down the page easier looking for key words. Consider organizing your thoughts in logical chunks by first outlining what you want before you write a post.

Designing your webpage with the idea how people will scan your pages can help you to improve your usability by as much as 47%. Follow the inverted pyramid writing style. The most important information is at the top. Also, front load keyword in your web page titles, headings and links.

Implement Site Search if Appropriate

Users looking for something specific they often look for text fields where they can enter in a search term to find the information they want quickly. A site search allows users to jump directly to the page with the information they want.

The best place to put a search box is at the top of your web page. Make it clear that it is a search box. You can use vivid colors to help it stand out but it should still fit the design theme.

Insist on Responsive Website Design

At ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York, all the website we design and develop are “responsive.” A “responsive” website design is a website that can automatically adjust to the screen of the user. From desktop monitors to mobile devices, content on your website must load quickly and be easily be viewed.

Responsive website design offers an optimized browsing experience that guarantees the user on any device to have the best and most consistent experience possible. You can also get your analytics, tracking and reporting can be consolidated in one place.

Users don’t seek information; they interact with it. Usability is so critical to the success of the website. Usability is so important to the success of a website today and the more user friendly it is the better.