Pinterest Social Media Marketing for Builders & Contractors

Pinterest is great if you have time to spend on thousands of different things. But what if you’re a home builder or general contractor? Pinterest for home builders and contractors seems like a waste of time, because, yes, it does take time to do anything with Pinterest. But the benefits of using it as a social media marketing platform are often overlooked because of just that. As a building contractor or project manager, though, Pinterest can be a powerful ally when used in conjunction with a well thought out website design and marketing strategy in you quest for quality sales lead development.

A lot of homeowners use Pinterest to find ideas for their new home or remodeling project (kitchen, bath, siding, you name it), and more times than not are even looking for advice on how to turn an idea into a finished project. As big as Pinterest’s user base is (over 100 million and counting), a contractor or builder who uses Pinterest is bound to find some traction and recognition. Just like any other social media platform, staying true to brand is always key, but after that, it’s a whole new world of how to function.

Pinterest for Home Builders: Visual Marketing

Before we even look into Pinterest’s “built-in” features for business, let’s take a moment to understand how a Pinterest-er (?) looks at things. You can search by keyword, choose a category, and even refine further by using built-in suggestions — what this doesn’t tell you is that part of the refining process is determined by how well your pins are doing in regards to popularity. Are you pins popular? Boost your brand by posting content that people find interesting!

As a contractor or building materials supplier, posting content that shows your customers what you’re able to do and visually showing off your expertise is story telling at it’s finest. Help your customers and prospects visualize their dream project. If you’re a contractor, showing a recently finalized project with before and after photos, or a fan favorite project is pushing brand and quality right to the customer.

Boosting Your Pinterest Content

So now to the built-in social media marketing features available to you. We know that content is easy enough to show. Rich pins take your content to the next level by being call out buttons for your content. It does take some research and know-how, but posting content that links directly to your blog post, product, or location takes out the ambiguity. No longer is the content just content, it’s become a sales tool. The customer can now see the content, and knows exactly what you want them to do with it.

Is Pinterest worth the time? Absolutely. But make your content interesting and informative. Cater to the customers by showing them what you’d like them to see about your company, your talents and your itegrity. Most importantly, have fun with it! Pinterest is not an exact science, so pushing your brand will be an ongoing “experiment.” Let’s get pinning!