Regardless of what you may have heard, professional website design is not dead. In fact, professional website design is thriving. Popular media sources have reported that artificial intelligence and low-cost templates are killing the occupation. These headlines are geared to driving sales and discussion and not on facts. I will explain just how important professional website design is and why it is very important in today’s competitive market.


We’re Only Human 

The internet connects people and businesses around the world, unlike anything that could have been seen just a decade ago. The number of people accessing the internet is growing at an incredible rate. While desktop website usage has gone flat, mobile device usage has grown and continues to grow.


As device usage has grown the website design has had to adapt and grow with it. As long as people use the internet for goods and services, professional web design will be required.


Artificial Intelligence and Templates Cannot Solve Human Problems

Every day, our Syracuse web design company helps companies develop projects but it goes far beyond just building a website. Each website project has its own goals that need to be solved, and in the age of Covid-19, ecommerce website development in Syracuse is at the top of everyone’s list. They could be traditional sales and marketing or they can be issues with a client’s customer base. Our job as web designers is to identify the issue and through the power of the web solve those issues.


You may see articles or advertisements of a grid system that doesn’t require a website designer. The software will do the design for you. Could it really be that easy, no it’s not? A system like that has a focus on images and text that simply can solve the problems a business may have. I’m sure you have heard of the saying, you get what you pay for. A free grid website will give you a website but you will have another problem and it doesn’t understand your needs.


A structured website development project never has a simple solution. It is a process that begins with discussions with the client and discovery to identify objections and the best practices and experience to come to a solution.


The Reach of Professional Website Design

If you were to listen to designers you would hear them talk about best design practices, perfecting user experiences, solving real-world problems for the clients. What you won’t hear is any talk about a grid design or automating the design process taking the human element out of it. The human involvement is the solution. Here are some examples of what a professional website design gives you:



If you ask a small business owner about their marketing message you will probably have a moment of silence. That is because a small company doesn’t have a marketing department and rarely have the time to sit down and think about it. A professional web designer can discuss this with their clients and help to construct a website that differentiates them from their competition.


User Personas

We talk about a website persona without clients. This is done early on as it greatly impacts the design of the website. Personas can create traffic flows and give a call to action for users. It also helps in creating an emotional response that visitors can connect with. Artificial intelligence can’t walk a website owner through this process.


Call to Actions

Can call to action be automated with templates or automated page builders, yes they can, however, in many cases, you need to have a more in-depth discussion to understand the proper call to action, usage, and placement.


Search Engine Optimization 

A website development project that involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to begin with keyword discovery and site mapping. To find the keywords to be used that include a review of existing report data, competitors’ websites, and keyword tools. This is a process you can’t get with any type of success from a grid design software. SEO is a process and search engines like Google are always changing their algorithms. Only experience and information can lay the groundwork for success with SEO.


There are countless more examples I could present, but I think the few I have discussed shows that automation and grid website design don’t help a business looking to make their website increase sales and clients.