What is responsive web design and why do I need it? Why does responsive web design matter? Do I need a responsive website?

Just about every website designer will tell you that responsive web design benefits are enough to justify a complete website redesign if you haven’t done so already.  Responsive web design is essential in today’s digital marketing world. Since smartphones and tablets use continually increase the importance of having a website that is design to be friendly on those devices is very important. Before the mobile era, designers only needed to focus on creating an attractive desktop website that was easy to navigate through. While that is still important there is significant challenges trying to function on that type of website on a mobile device. Because of this more and more business are realizing the need to adapt to the changes of their customers and a responsive website design provides them with three main benefits. Our Syracuse website design team are experts at responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design – Flexible Viewing Options

Responsive web design is an approach to coding and structuring a website design so it is optimized for viewing and function on a variety of devices and browsers. When a website is responsive, all the content can be easily read and viewed in a format compatible with the dimensions and resolution of their device. For example, if you are viewing a website on a smartphone, you should be able to turn your screen to landscape and watch the content rearrange itself to fit that new perspective. This allows for maximum readability and the convenience on part of the consumer.

Improved User Experience & Satisfaction

Rather than upgrading their website to be responsive, some businesses have elected to have a second website optimized for mobile use. This not only can be expensive and tedious but it can also be very difficult to keep all website current. As things in your company change so should the information on your website. If all your websites don’t get updated then you risk not giving your potential customers accurate information. If you’re website requires a user to login. Chances are they would need to create two separate accounts which might be just enough to drive then to your competitors. A responsive website is just one website designed to fit all devices.

Responsive Web Design: Google Approved!

When it comes to responsive web design benefits, there is no question with 67% of the search market share that Google has the most influential voice when it comes to website design. Google’s search engine algorithms crawl the web to analyze and rank websites by specific characteristics. While Google holds those specific characteristics close to their chest, we do know that website that are responsive rank high than those that are non-responsive. This is because, unified under a single URL, a responsive website is easier for Google’s algorithms to rank and index and more user-friendly for consumers to link, access and share. Google themselves have gone on record saying that responsive website design is the industries best practice.

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