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Be there for your Syracuse website customers, wherever they are, on whatever device they are using. According to Google, 2015 is the year when the mobile web will overtake desktop search for the first time ever. Right now, at this moment in time, if you take a look at your Google Analytics, you will find that over one-third of the visitors to your Syracuse company website are on some form of mobile device.

Mobile Syracuse Website Design and Development

All the websites we design are created using the latest responsive web design technology to be mobile friendly and responsive, so that however your potential customers come to your website, they are guaranteed a fast loading, easy-to-navigate, engaging experience. Because responsive, mobile friendly Syracuse website design looks good and provide an engaging user experience across all devices, from desktop to laptop, to tablets and smartphones. A great mobile website experience can help your business connect with customers whenever and wherever they are, drive conversions, and add dollars to the bottom line.

67% of mobile smartphone users said that when they visit a mobile-friendly website, they are more likely to buy that company’s products or services.  (Google Survey, 2012)

Responsive Web Design Syracuse NY

Responsive website design offers customers a consistent brand experience across all devices, fast, easy navigation, the ability to engage with your brand longer, and increases the likelihood they will do business with you.

Responsive Web Design Syracuse NY. Mobile is here to stay. And a responsive, mobile-friendly Syracuse small business website design elevates your brand and how customers perceive you and your company. It also increases local Syracuse search engine visibility, which translates directly to your bottom line.

ATS has also developed eCommerce web design solutions with responsive mobile-friendly web design technology to give customer an elegant, consistent, and friendly brand experience.


Responsive Web Design Syracuse NY - Mobile Friendly Web Design

Responsive Web Design Syracuse NY, Google Statistics

Advantages of Responsive Website Design

  • Easy Website Updates and Maintenance. When you update your website, you only have to update it once. No worries about updating your “regular” website and also your “mobile” website.  It’s all one.
  • Industry Best Practices.  Google likes to index your site once and deliver consistent search results across all devices. Google also considers responsive web design as “industry best practice.”
  • Search Engine Optimization. Your search visibility will be better since all your pages and content will be the same, regardless of device.



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