Rule number one when it comes to effective Search Engine Optimization is get the keywords and search terms right first.

All your efforts will be for nothing if you optimize your web pages or blog posts for something that sounds fantastic to you, and “looks good on paper,” but is nowhere near what the reality of day to day search really is.  So first and foremost, do you homework and find out what people are actually searching for, then optimize for those keywords.  What it boils down to is concrete, actionable data, not best intentions and guesswork.

Without a doubt, the most critical reason to create quality website content for your business is to make sure that your company can be found online when someone is searching for your products or services. That’s where SEO Search Engine Optimization comes in. The bottom line is that if people can’t find you when they are looking for what you offer, your website design isn’t successful and you are losing potential sales. To make sure you do get found, all your website content needs to be centered around the question “What are people searching for when they are looking for my services or products?” So keyword (search term) research is critical to finding and using specific, targeted keywords on all your website’s pages.

Keyword Research: The Key to Successful SEO

It’s all about the search terms people use. In the language of our local Syracuse SEO experts, it’s all in the keywords. The first thing to do in turning your website into an effective sales and marketing took is to identify which search terms (keywords) will be the most effective in making your website show up in the top of search engine results. In other words, which words or phrases are your future customers in your local area going to use when they go online to search for you?

When you are thinking about redesigning your website or refreshing your website content, it pays to do some of your own keyword research before you talk to your web developer. At ATS, our Syracuse SEO web design team always covers this in our first meetings and conversations with clients. Your know your business better than anyone, so you have the most knowledge and insights to bring to the project. So to start your own keyword research, try typing in the name of your product or service followed by your city name.  For example, if you are an interior designer in Syracuse, try typing in “Interior Designers Syracuse.” Then work up a list of variations.  Some might include “Syracuse interior design firms,” or “Central New York Interior Designers.” Google also provides a list of search suggestions at the bottom of it’s search results page which can also be helpful.

At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing together quality content that informs, educates and drives sales.  To do this you not only need great, well written content, but you need to make sure that strong Web Design, effective Search Engine Optimization and fast, reliable website hosting are all in tune to help you attract viewers and generate sales leads.