SEO For Landing Pages You Can Actually Use

Syracuse Local SEO Search Engine OptimizationAdvice on landing pages is plentiful and a lot of it can be on boring topics like “consider the user interaction flow and how it funnels” or “ask you how your audience might view this.” This is simply just obvious and the advice is more of a thinking exercise.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (whose goal is to put your website on the first page of search engine results for your key search queries), there is a lot of marketing data out there from HubSpot and other providers that work with website SEO metrics derived from PPC research and best design practice. We have decided to discuss of few advice tips that don’t help simply because the advice is given a lot and shouldn’t be.

SEO Advice That Will Hurt Your Site

Landing pages are a unique type of page, and designing a website landing page to be effective takes a good deal of thought and marketing knowledge. The removal of primary navigation on landing pages. The thought behind this is you leave nothing for the customer to do on that page beside funnel and convert. Doing this only confuses to types of web pages, the landing page and a squeeze page. A squeeze page is created to squeeze a visitor to a piece of content and create conversions. It is not a landing page. It is made simply for PPC and is not recommended. Google discusses the need for consistent navigation to simplify the user interactions with the website in their design.

Another piece of advice not done well is the Call To Action or “CTA.” Most people believe a CTA has to be bold and loud and in a prominent position above the content. Now, it certainly can be those things but, there is a lot more to CTA. In a long scrolling page you don’t have to put a CTA every 300 words. It becomes obnoxious. Really good CTA won’t feel like a push. If the landing page is engaging simply giving multiple avenues to convert is best. Maybe have a form at the bottom with an email and phone number at the top of the page. Think of it like a salesman. Do you want someone that wants to make the sale now now, or do you prefer a salesman that hands you a brochure talks to you about he product a bit, maybe shows you a demo then if you would like to give him/her your email to receive offers. Your CTA is the salesperson.

Helpful SEO Tips For Your Website Landing Pages

1. Word count: Your landing page should have 500 words or more. 300 words is the bar minimum. To be engaging more is better.

2. Keyword Usage: Use your main keyword only once in the title and context. Use variations throughout. You can find more related keywords through research with keyword tools, such as the Google Ads Keyword Planning Tool.

3. Images: You should have one unique image tagged with schema and alt tags that describe the image, the purpose of the image. You should have multiple images to break up your text so it doesn’t look to dense. All images should be optimized.

4. Sharing Buttons: Social sharing should be enabled. This is different that social icons. These are links to your social media. Sharing button applets make the process of sharing an article on your network easy.

5. Social Media Links: Typical social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube are typical. Some industries have good niche social media like home pro’s have Houzz, Wedding people have Wedding Wire. Linking to these are a good move as it helps to build trust.

6. Trust Icons: Trust icons help people trust you and they will increase conversions. An example of this would be Payment processors certs, licenses, BBB, awards, etc.

7. Reviews: More and more people look at reviews to determine the validity of a product or service. Reviews can increase conversion drastically. If you are able to put people’s faces next to the reviews and use full names, do it, builds way more trust.