SEO Fundamentals: Keeping Your Search Position Ranking During a Website Redesign

With changes on the web these days a redesign your website might be in order. Google is just one reason to consider doing this as they put such a premium on-site usability as a ranking factor. When it comes to refreshing and redesigning your website, there are a lot of reasons to get your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy involved right from the start. It is important to maintain your ranking through the redesign process.

The demands of the user have forced the internet to evolve. It’s a good idea to update your website and if it has been a while, an entire redesign may be needed. When you take on a website redesign project for your company, there is a tremendous opportunity to fix organizational issues as well. SEO over time has gone through changes since your website was designed. You may not have been working with an expert at SEO at the time and going forward you can make it right. Designers make the website look nice and make it work for the end-user. SEO experts make the website look pretty and usable for search engines. It is important for both audiences and neither one can be overlooked.

Hopefully, you have been diligently working on improving your website’s search ranking. As you go through the redesign process you must maintain the rankings you have achieved so far. To do this means you have to plan carefully and think strategically. Taking the time on the front end when planning the structure of a new website, will make a huge difference on the back end. As an example, connecting content with a proper URL structure will create better-organized content while enhancing search engine performance. Pay attention particularly on how you go about changing URLs. You have a history of inbound links that need to be managed or your end result will be a mess of broken links and errors that neither Google nor users like.

Any change to your website should be well thought out and planned carefully.