Social Media Marketing: A 360 Strategy

Bringing Website Design and Social Media Marketing Strategy together. When you hear the words “social media” and “website design,” would you combine them to say “socially connected website?” Normally, when a small business owner thinks of social media in the context of their overall digital marketing and website design strategy, they are two separate ideas. But in the modern digital marketing age, your website and your social media presence are inextricably linked.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, everything has to work together and ultimately lead your potential customers back to your website, or at least give them the information they need to contact you. So how do you take the social and integrate it with your website design strategy for a seamless marketing message and user experience?

Website Design and Social Media Integration

Step One. The first thing that should be considered is reviews. You’ve heard about reviews for restaurants and Amazon products, but reviews for a small business outside those typical realms not only can boost your Google visibility, but they look great to your potential customers. It will even save you work when customers talk about what you can do; the customer already knows about you and your products or services.

Step Two. The next thing to do is to integrate your social media marketing with your overall website strategy, which goes directly to the issue of how your website is designed.  One of the most powerful things you can do in the modern digital age is have a strong social component built into your website. This elevates your search engine optimization SEO strategy and makes it easier to rank for your search terms and bring visitors to your website. Whether you take the time to do it yourself, or hire a savvy Syracuse SEO agency, you can very easily and quickly take your tweets, statuses, and posts and embed them into your website. Not only does this show that you’re actually alive and breathing, but if you’re using a modern responsive website design, it’s extremely easy to do.

Step Three. The last thing to consider is your own social network. Crazy! Have you ever stopped to think about those forums you’ve seen for your Apple problems or your car problems? They run the gamut, from food to film and boats to fashion and design. Those are actually social media in a slightly different twist. So what about taking the cue from a successful company like Apple? Create a forum or a way for customers to talk to each other. It will boost your stats and even bring more knowledge to the consumer about your company.

Generating New Website Traffic

Just one more thing — the most important thing in an effective social media marketing campaign is your website. Always drive traffic and visitors to your website, because it is the center of your digital marketing strategy. It takes a lot of time to be social, so why not take all that hard work and make it go even further? So go forth, and make friends and drive traffic with appropriate links back to your website where visitors can become customers.  Questions?  Pick up the phone and talk to an ATS Web Design Syracuse social media marketing specialist. We will help you evaluate your particular situation and offer sound, actionable advice.