Squarespace or WordPress? What’s the Difference?

squarespace wordpress web design syracuse nyOkay, its time to redo your old website, but what platform to build it on. There are many different platforms or CMS (content management system) tools that websites can be built on. Each platform has its disadvantages and advantages depending on what your needs are.

There are two main platforms that are popular, Squarespace and WordPress. While both are great platforms for website design and development, one may be a better fit for you and your needs and for what you what to do with your website, whether it’s a basic brochure website, or you want to setup an ecommerce system.

Let’s Take a Look at Squarespace

Squarespace is probably a website builder that you have heard of a lot. You may have even seen television commercials for it. If you have a small business and you just want to get some information out there for the world to see, Squarespace is going to be a great option. Your website can still have that eye-catching look that everybody wants.

Squarespace comes with options like video, drag and drop, and stock images ready for you to create a website that will get visitors attention. One of the best features of Squarespace is the price point. This is even more appealing to small businesses. A Squarespace website is also relatively mobile optimized, and can be search engine optimized for better search visibility against your competitors.

Moving Forward with WordPress

WordPress is the next step in a website builder. When you have outgrown a Squarespace website and need something that can be more customizable WordPress is the answer.

A great feature of a WordPress site is the amount your site is able to do. It allows for more functionality. If there is a function you see on a site that you would like implemented on your site, you may be able to have that on your website.

While the price point is higher depending on what you want to be done, in the long run, it will be worth it, because it is a much more robust platform that you will never outgrow. A website that is well done is more marketable and can be customized more for your customers’ usability.

Both platforms are great options for small or large companies.

Syracuse Web Design Agency

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