In Online Marketing & Website Design, Less is More

Syracuse NY Web Design MarketingMore is not always better and that can often be related in concepts for your business website where the more things are kept simple, the better the results will be. Customers love it when things are simple when they visit your website. They want it, they even thrive on it. Your online search engine marketing strategy starts with a simple selling technique and a website that is keyword focused from the beginning. A business website should follow these guidelines:

Concentrate on the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Silly).

Anytime you think you need to do more, remind yourself to think, “Keep it simple.” Complicating your site with some of “that” and a little more of “this” is not always good. Less is definitely more when it comes to a website design being successful to today’s online world.

Website music and sound files are a big No Go.

We all enjoy listening to music but when it comes to a website, there is no place for it. Most people find it annoying when they don’t have the option to click on it themselves.

Automatic pop ups are the equivalent of junk mail.

This is one that shouldn’t surprise anyone but yet I still come across websites that use them. Visitors to your site will immediately click on the “X” to close the pop up without even reading a single word of it. Or, they will have their browsers set up to block pop-ups, for the simple reason… nobody can stand pop up ads! If you want people to join your mailing list, give them a place on your website that they will be able to click on if they want to. Pop up ad can hurt your website and cause potential customs to bounce from your website.

Bad site navigation because you want something “pretty.”

Customers to your website aren’t concerned with how pretty it looks. They are more concerned with solid navigation that makes it easy for them to find what they want on your website.

When you have poor navigation it can frustrate visitors and it can destroy your website’s visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Without quality navigation, you lose potential customers to bouncing from your website before you have the chance to sell them on your services or products.

Hire a website designer with a great track record.

If you were going to rewire your home, you wouldn’t want an electrician to come in and just haphazardly slap wires together because you thought it would be cool to put 10 computers all on one receptacle that would overload it. You would want to get advice on electrical usage in an office from a professional. That same holds true when it comes to your business website. A designer can clutter your website with every kind of innovation in terms of bells and whistles, but does it make sense. A professional web designer with experience can advise you on what are poor choices for a website and what are good ideas that can transform your website into one that is customer oriented, which is good for your business.