Your online presence could make or break your business and that is even more so for a small business. Most small businesses don’t have more limited resources and time to spend on their online presence. Because building your authority online is important, we have put together some reasons to explain why.

Company Online Presence - Syracuse, NYWhat does a good online presence include?
• Company Website
• Frequently Updated Blog Posts
• Frequently Updated Social Media
• Interacting with Clients Online
• Accessible Online materials

Make First Impressions Count
When you are looking for a restaurant, bakery, or plumber the first thing most of us do is turn to Google, Facebook and Instagram to find out information about a company. For many businesses that is their first impression that is given by your company. You need to highlight your products and services to potential customers can easily find what your company is about.

You Control It
The content you put on your website or social media accounts is one thing you can control. What you can’t control is what customers or the news says about your business. Your company blog helps customers get a better feel for your companies values and mission toward customers. You can give your blog posts allow you to show your style and personality to an audience.

Don’t Help the Competition
By lacking in your company’s digital presence, you may be giving the advantage to your competition to get more business traffic. It is important as a small business to show your customers why they should choose your products or service and not a reason to go somewhere else for it.

Showing Up for Searches
By not having a website you risk losing a lot of business. Customers look at your website to determine if they want to choose your services or products before they ever walk in the door. If your company website is bad then the impression of your company is bad. It may come up in search results but your company may come off as unprofessional. It has been estimated that 81 percent of consumers perform online research before contacting or buying from a business.

Give your Digital Presence Some Help
Today more than ever business must adapt or they get left in the dust by the competition. Having an online presence is a critical step in investing in your company. The more time you spend building your online presence they more benefits you will get from it.

If you need a website or your current site needs to be updated with a new website design we can give it that spark it needs to give your customers the right impression of your business. We also offer services to increase your digital presence with digital marketing and building your social media.