Strawberry Tree Farms

Strawberry Tree Farms specializes in gourmet spices & seasonings, exquisite baking mixes, and easy to make soups. They offer a wide range of gourmet soup bases that allows you to easily make soups and sides with a gourmet taste in a snap. You can also get a large range of custom spices that range from from savory to those with plenty of heat that can turn any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. If baking is not your specialty, don’t worry. They have you covered with with baking mixes that will have your family and friends thinking you are a real chef in the kitchen. Their needs included a general information brochure website with a e-commerce store that offers all of their gourmet products.

Our Work

The client had a website but needed one that was more suited to their needs.  We addressed that with a new website that had a clear focus on their services while being user friendly with responsiveness. We implemented an online store where they can sell their spices, soup bases and baking mixes. We also provided website maintenance and web hosting for the client as well.

Services Provided

Web Design & Development

Responsive Web Design

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Strawberry Tree Farms


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