Google Announces Sites Without SSL Will Be Marked Insecure This Summer

Google recently announced that as of July 2018, Google Chrome will begin displaying sites that do not have SSL as “not secure”. So if your website does not have SSL implemented (https://), visitors to your website will see a big bold warning that your website is not secure. Google has been pushing this on a voluntary basis for a couple of years, but now they are turning up the heat. So just imagine the negative affect this could have on visitors to your website (and on your business)!

Previously, SSL was only mandated for websites that processed sensitive information (e-commerce sites, for example, that ask for credit card info, etc.). But over the past couple of years, Google has begun the “encourage” website owners to make sure their websites are secure, whether you are asking for credit card information or other sensitive personal information or not.  So far, it’s been with the “carrot” of possibly being ranked higher in search listings, which is something we’ve seen and tracked for clients for whom we do SEO (search engine optimization), with these websites improving their rankings in search results.

But in July, 2018, it’s going to be even more important with Google’s Chrome warning that your site is not secure.  That’s a major impact on website visitor trust that translates directly to your business’ bottom line.

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