Avoiding the Most Common Small Business Website Design Mistakes

syracuse website designAs the owner of small business, you probably know a lot about running your company, but when it comes to effective website design for your small business, your internet marketing knowledge of what makes an effective website design for your business may be sorely and fatally lacking.

That is why it’s important to work personally with an experienced Syracuse web designer to help you prevent making some of the biggest mistakes. We understand as a small business you want a website design that is enjoyable to navigate and a compelling website for your visitors that will attract and help convert website visitors and turn them into customers.  The whole process begins by avoiding critical design mistakes.

Insufficient Website Content

Quality content is a critical element on your website. Visitors to your website want to learn more about your business and how you can help them. When you have nothing but simple imagery because you want a minimalistic design, you are going to leave your visitors guessing and wanting more. Make sure that the website is clear on how the visitors can benefit from your products or services.

A Crowded, Busy Website

Our Syracuse website design team has also noticed that business owners, more often than you might think, often try and cram so much information into their website that it starts to resemble Uncle Henry’s hall closet that he hasn’t cleaned out in 20 years.

When businesses try to cram an excessive amount of text and huge, heavy, slow-loading visuals into their website, it actually discourages visitors from engaging with your website and your company. Some information could be irrelevant and some not, but in the end, it only confuses and frustrates people. Also, a website that has an overabundance of information and imagery can create a long load time which really, really annoys users. Avoiding creating a busy website at all costs.

Poor or Confusing Website Navigation

One mistake that is often made focusing on placing quality content on a website but not taking the time to make the site navigable. Small business websites often have a very elusive navigation menu. If your menu is hard to find them visitors won’t be able to find the content, they are looking for quickly or easily. Making customers struggle for information will agitate them and cause them to leave your website.

Unappealing Design

It is so important to think about who your target audience is when creating your website. The look and feel of your site have to match the people you plan to sell your product or service to. Small businesses often get their design wrong by trying to imitate the look and style of websites of larger businesses that target a different audience.

Misplaced Ads

Advertising is an important income stream for certain types of small business websites. This is so necessary to make sure that their website results in a positive return on investment (ROI). When small businesses begin to misuse the tool of advertising, they compromise the quality of their website and start stuffing it with countless ads that are noisy, flashy and incredibly annoying. Ads like this annoy visitors and will compel them to leave your website. It is best to place only specific ads in the right spots.