Are you looking to make your website load faster? Is your website too slow and needs to load quicker?

Get some search engine love by making your website load faster. There are a number of factors, from an SEO standpoint, that determine where your website shows up in search results.  Obviously the goal is to get to the top of the first page of search results because that’s where people click the most. One of the factors that is at work here is how fast your website loads. It is widely believed that page load speed is an important factor in how Google evaluates your website.  In fact, they have a tool that you can use to measure your page load speed so it is clearly important.  When our Syracuse web design team create a new website for our clients, or retool an existing one, we take page load speed very much into account.

If your web page doesn’t load quickly, visitors will hit the back button and go elsewhere, causing you to loose sales. And since Google considers web page load speed to be important, it can also result in you ranking lower is search results with your competitors ranking above you. To check how your website measures up, go to Google Pagespeed Insights, and then talk to your web developer.

Three Things You Can Do to Make Your Website Load Faster

Choose where you host your website with care.

There are lots of website hosting companies out there, and like anything else, some are better than others when it comes to hosting speed. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. If your website is a critical part of your marketing, pick a good hosting company. There are lots of hosting plans from simple shared hosting where hundreds of website share the same server, and if the server your website is hosted on routinely encounters high traffic volumes, your website can take longer to load.  A better (that’s “slightly more expensive”) hosting plan can mean more robust servers, less shared space, and faster load times. You can also get dedicated hosting for your website, where you’re not sharing anything with anybody.

Not all WordPress Themes are Created Equal

WordPress is one of the most popular website development tools in the world. But coding a WordPress website from scratch is a daunting task. Enter WordPress themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes out there with which to create your website. But not all these themes (even the premium ones you purchase) are particularly SEO friendly. Check the reviews on any theme you anticipate using for your website and see what other people have said about it. If it’s a premium theme, how long has it been on the market, how many copies have been sold, and when was it last updated? These can help you determine whether the particular WordPress theme you’re looking at is going to be a good long-term fit for you. (Frequency of updates are important to keep your website safe and secure from hackers). Good premium themes are updated two or three times a year.

Make Sure Your Website is Technically Optimized.

There are lots of things about your website that affect page load times that will or won’t make your website load faster. How many images are on your home page? Are your images optimized for speed? If you have a WordPress website, is the database optimized. Is your website cached for faster browsing?  Would an external content delivery network benefit your website if you can’t move it easily from your current hosting company?  There are lots of things an experienced web developer can do to make sure your website is running as fast as it can and delivering a satisfying user experience for visitors whether they are using a desktop computer, a smartphone, or some other device.

Our ATS Web Design Syracuse team can help you make sure your website is Google friendly, loads fast and stays secure. But more than that, we can also help you increase your website traffic, convert more visitors and enhance your company image with a website that not only loads fast but is aesthetically please and conveys your brand and your values. If you are considering a website makeover, contact our Syracuse Web Design and Development team today.