Online Video Production & Editing

Online Video Production & Editing – Internet Video Marketing is one of the most powerful and engaging communication tools there is.  In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Video allows you to communicate your message quickly and effectively, engage your audience and increase your website conversion rates dramatically. It can also be an extremely affordable alternative to broadcast TV commercials with equal or better ROI.

At ATS, we provide quality, affordable internet video production services, as well as video search engine optimization and video search engine marketing.

We handle every aspect of your video production from initial concept to placement and promotion.

  • Initial Strategy and Preparation — Concept, production planning, messaging, storyboarding, scheduling.
  • Video Creating and Production — Cameras, people, products, lighting, sound, direction, still photography.
  • Post-Production — Editing, voice talent, video compression, client review and approval.
  • Video Placement and Embedding — We can place your videos on designated pages and websites to maximize visibility and conversions. We also make sure you videos play nice with desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well.

Online Video Viewing Habits Skyrocketing

In a recent (204)  global online video viewing report, mobile video views are expected to continue to grow, with nearly 50% of all online videos being viewed on mobile devices by 2016, with smartphones and tablets leading the way.



  •  Video Search Engine Optimization and Marketing — Great videos need an audience. And we optimize each video for maximum visibility on Google’s search networks and on YouTube.  We also provide a variety of effective pay-per-click and pre-roll options to create even greater visibility and engagement for your video.

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