Website Design: Your About Us Page is Important

Are you about a new website design or a website design makeover?

Wondering how much your About Us page really matters in your new website design?

Let’s take a look at how important your About Us page really matters in your overall website design and marketing.

Crafting an Effective About Us Page is critically important. Every business website design needs to include an effective and meaningful “About Us” page. But what information should be included? Talking about yourself or your business can seem awkward, but it is a necessary part of doing business and can create trust for customers, branding and bring you more business.

Your About Us Page has real meaning and value. The about page for many sites is one that is viewed frequently. Visitors to your site will see if you offer the services they want. Your “About Us” page will or should answer questions they may have like: Will this business be easy to work with? Does this business have the experience or expertise I need? Who are these people? Can I trust them?

It’s your job to provide that information to visitors that want to know more about your business, but don’t miss the opportunity to market your brand and make a personal connection with your prospective customer.

Crafting an Effective About Us Page

Your focus to start will be on your website visitor. You want to mention the problems they face and how your company can solve those problems. Next you want to tell your story and what made you offer the services you do. By sharing your story you create a connection that shows the passion for your business and that can translate into trust.

Making it Personal. While most visitors want information about your company, they also want to know about the individuals they will be dealing with and whether they think they can trust them. The easiest way to do this is show pictures of the staff. Tell personal stories of the staff and explain their passion about what they do. People want to deal with representatives who care about doing a good job.

Overcome Personal Story Problems. One factor of telling a personal story is the negative history. Often it is this history that has moved us into positive direction. It’s important to understand that you can tell the story without getting to personal by generalizing the negative aspects. You can discuss what makes you passionate without digging up a lot of dirt.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A particularly important aspect of your website design and online marketing, and especially your About Us page, is providing credible insight into what other customers say about you and your service. Some short testimonials from customers gives your company a sense of trustworthiness and the ability to follow through with your customers.  Including positive Yelp and Google+ reviews can be very valuable. It’s also good to mention any awards your business has achieved. All of these elements creates an image of you as personable and professional individuals who have the answers to the visitor’s problems.

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