What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

what is ppc digital marketingPPC advertising (pay-per-click) is where an advertiser pays a fee each time their ad is clicked. To have your PPC ad appear on search engines like Google and Bing you need to pay more than your competitor’s ads. Google for and example uses what is called an automated process as a way to determine how relevant your ad is to a person searching for your products or service. They also have an automated way to calculate how much your exact cost-per-click will be.

Why Consider PPC Digital Marketing

The one advantage to using PPC is that your company can appear instantly at the top of search engines. Because your ads are targeted to a specific audience, there is a greater chance of making a sale or getting a lead. PPC online marketing is a great way of attracting new customers to your business.

Unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay for clicks. You can have an ad run for just a few days or maybe a month or two. Whatever time period you like PPC can offer a great opportunity for your business to grow its customer base.

How To Get Started

PPC advertising allows you to reach people that are interested in your type of products or services. To get started you need to create a paid advertising checklist. There you can plan your strategy and goals. The foundation of all PPC, of course, is that you are driving traffic to your website, so it is critical that you have great website design and landing pages that your target audience can readily identify with and be drawn into.

When that is done the next thing, you need to do is come up with a keyword list. You will then test different ads. Once your ad has been live for a few months.

You should measure the results. This will help you make sure your campaign is running effectively and that you get the most conversions.

How PPC Marketing Works on Google Ads

Google has set the bar for PPC platforms. Google will choose a set of winners every time a search is initiated. The winners are based on relevance to the keywords used, the quality of ad text, and the size of the keyword bids. A very specific metric is used to determine who appears in google search engine results, and where they will be placed.

This is determined by two things. The quality score is how good the ad is and the CPC bid is how much the advertiser is willing to spend.

It is important to create ads that deliver the message your audience wants to see, and don’t forget to monitor your PPC campaigns to keep an eye on how much you spend, how much you have earned and the number of people that have seen your ad.

When it comes to the cost of Google ads, there is no one price. The average cost per click is $1 to $2 depending on the type of ads you which to run. Some ads in the legal and insurances fields can cost around $6.

When you use PPC you should expect a return of investment (ROI) of about 50%. So if you spend $2 you can expect o get back $3. You will want to consider your actual ROI as the months pass as a way of determining just how to adjust your marketing budget.

If PPC advertising ends up being your best source of business, and the ROI is good you may want to open up more of your budget to this type of advertising. On the other side, if your ROI isn’t ideal you may want to look into suspending your PPC activity or lowering your budget so your only pay for the keywords and ads that drive the best traffic.

How PPC Works on Facebook

Facebook provides many different opportunities for online marketers. The main objective of Facebook PPC is to build brand awareness and generate leads that will get more visitors. Before you consider any specific approach think about what you want to achieve.

If you want to increase customer engagement and acquisition, then click on the engagement button during the setup of your PPC. Then you can create an account and give your campaign a name. Then the next step is to select your audience.

Try to zone your target group as much as you can. This would be location, gender, age, and language they speak. For example, if you own a bike show in Boston you don’t want people in Chicago clicking on your ad. Once that is complete you are on to selecting a budget and then scheduling it.

PCC on Facebook has a large number of users. It is estimated over 2.41 billion people use Facebook every month. Some may be wondering, “why do I want to pay to advertise on Facebook?” The answer usually lies in the fact that a large portion of your target audience uses Facebook regularly, there is a good chance you may not do well if you do social media marketing without running ads.

One highlight is that advertising on Facebook PPC will cost less than on other forms of PPC advertising. As of recent, the CPC (cost-per-click) at the time of this writing on Facebook was generally around its lowest at $0.45 while the highest is around $3.77. CPC does vary from one industry to another but Facebook is still a very affordable PPC advertising medium for B2C companies.