How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

website redesign syracuse auburn cortland nyAt ATS Design Group in Syracuse, we approach each website design & development project we create to go beyond the expectations of our clients. We build each website to have the flexibility to grow with our customer’s needs, with the ability to grow as they grow. All too often you see websites that should be updated every two to three years. What does that mean and what changes should be made and why?

Your Website’s Sell-By Date

There are a lot of things that expire in life. Take the tires on your car for an example. After 50,000 miles or so you need to replace them. In your home, you change out the filter in your water purifier every six months (When was the last time you changed your furnace filter?).  It is just one of the facts of life that certain things have a shelf life and requires replacement and in business, your website is one of those things. I have heard often, “but I just updated it four or five years ago,” then I have to point out that their website isn’t mobile-friendly, it no longer matches their brand, or maybe it simply doesn’t meet their needs anymore, and they are wondering why business has dropped of lately.

Why Are We So Hesitant to Redesign Our Websites?

Let’s look at things from your prospects or customers point of view. Imagine the frustration you feel when you are told that you need to update your website when it has only been three years since you last launched it. In today’s digital world, we are used to things happening instantly and things that are easy to refresh. You want to give your phone a new look? Just change out the wallpaper. Unfortunately, not all digital changes are quick and easy. When it comes to a website, the digital landscape is a bit more complicated.

Factors For Website Life Expectancy

Your Business Goals
There has been a big change in the number of businesses going from B2B (business to business) to B2C (business to customer) or even D2C (direct to consumer) in recent years. This type of shift requires serious changes not only with your website, but often with your overall online marketing. Your website is the digital front door to your business. It tells potential customers who you are and how you can help them. It tells visitors that your business exists to serve them, not just your competitors.

If you are always offering innovative solutions to help your customers problems then your website should reflect that. If your goal is to have an increase in phone consultations and your websites main call to action is geared towards filling out a form, then your site isn’t going to help you reach your goal. While this list could go on and on, it’s important for you to take a long hard look at your website and see if it is helping you reach your goals or holding you back.

SEO Standards
The bar to effective SEO (search engine optimization) changes often and it is becoming more intense with each passing day. Only recently we have seen how site-speed (how fast your home page loads) is being taken into consideration in search engine position rankings, and the benefits go to the website that loads the fastest.

Elsewhere, the days of simply stuffing your website with every semi-relevant search term keyword you can think of just doesn’t work anymore. Everything from the underlying programming and coding of your website to external links to your website from other websites, to page titles and topic headings needs to be looked at with a search engine’s analytical eye for detail. Of course, this isn’t even touching upon whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Changing Website Design & Marketing Trends

website redesign development syracuse nyIt wasn’t that long ago that single paneled websites were popular. Then there were websites that had long scrolling pages. Today your website design and development depends greatly upon what your audience wants and expects. Trends are always changing and no matter how timeless you think your website design was, some trends change and that requires your website to be updated.

Industry and Competitive Landscape
If you are not looking at your competitor’s websites, it’s probably high time for you to do so. As the industry changes, you should adopt before you become outdated. Potential clients and customers are going to compare your website with your competitors website and if their website is more professional, better branded, easier to navigate, loads faster, looks fresher… you get the idea. But you’re probably not going to get the business.

So, What Can You Do?
By looking for feedback and making small changes when needed it will help you keep your website up to date and will keep your clients and customers coming back for more. When we build a website, we take great care to build it in such a way as it can grow and adapt with your business and goals. That means we can add features like landing pages, change out content, and update products and services so you get the most out of your website.

But Does MY Website Need to be Refreshed?

If you are asking yourself whether your website should or needs to be redesigned, then in all likelihood, the answer is that it probably at least needs to be refreshed. We would be happy to take a look at your website and talk to you about your current company goals to help you find out if your website is behind the times and helping you to acquire the new customers and business you need.

Syracuse Web Design & Online Marketing Partners

When it comes to website design and online marketing, it’s hard to know just where to start. One way to make sure you’re maximizing your website’s potential to help you grow your business is to partner with an experienced Syracuse web design agency like ATS Design Group. Why not contact us today and schedule a free website evaluation and design consultation and put our experience to work for you?