Syracuse web design SEO Marketing CompanyWhen it comes to digital marketing for local small businesses promoting or selling products and services, they do so by using marketing. Because of the competitive nature of business, digital marketing has become essential for companies.

When you run a small business in Syracuse or elsewhere, you want to get the best marketing bang for the buck that you can. You want your business to be noticed and stand out among your competition. While many in management typically like to deal with big or popular marketing agencies with the goal of overtaking their competition, bigger is not always better. In fact, dealing with larger marketing agencies can sabotage your company’s growth. If you are a Syracuse business owner and looking to better reach your target audience, then it might be time to considering hiring a local small business digital marketing firm with an intimate knowledge of your market area and how to reach the audience you need to reach. Here are a few considerations:

Smaller Marketing Agencies Means Less Red Tape

Anytime you deal with large marketing firms there are more people involved and not necessarily the team you are working with. Quite often you will find that messages get lost in the shuffle.

When you have direct contact with the team that is handling your account, there is a good chance you will still need to deal with team members. That can make things difficult for you to get a real team effort.

Smaller digital marketing agencies in Syracuse and elsewhere tend to have small, highly skilled teams so there are fewer people involved in your project and as a result, there is far less red tape and that leads to faster and better executions of your digital marketing efforts.

One-On-One Focus

Marketing agencies grow as a result of them being able to land big accounts or have many clients due to their popularity. This is good news for the marketing agency but bad news for you.

When an agency has lots of clients, they will give priority to their VIP or big accounts over you. This is not good for your business especially if you’re in competitive space. The more soon you can execute a strategy the better chance you can take advantage and capture the target market.

Smaller agencies have few clients so that means your business will have more time devoted to it. This one-on-one attention can really beneficial to your business and help boost the chance of success over your competition.

Better and Easier Communication

A smaller agency usually has more communicative and is far easier to be available to their clients. Often if you call looking to speak to one person other than the individual that answers the phone. Chances are they are just a shout away.

There are also fewer ear and eyes that need to hear or read your messages. Fewer people involved means it is easier to get the right message across and that makes it easier for teams to execute your marketing strategy.


You will also find smaller digital agencies have more flexibility as well. If you need an adjustment in your strategy, there is a good chance you will get that resolved in a short about of time. One example might be the emergence of new competition in the area and you need to adjust your local SEO search engine optimization strategy to stay ahead of emerging digital competition.

In big agencies even the smallest changes mean delays. This is because team members need to submit the changes for approval from those high up in the company. These delays can mean costly delays for you.


Large marketing firms didn’t get where they are without charging their client a lot. Some even change exorbitant amounts even for simple promotions. They do this because they know their clients can afford it. If you’re a small business, a huge marketing bill can be a big drain to your cash flow. Smaller marketing agencies have a more wallet-friendly approach. More and more small business owners are discovering the benefits of working with a local web development, SEO, and digital marketing company who can help them reach their goals without breaking the bank… an especially useful goal during times of economic downturn.