Zoom?  Try Skype Meet Now for Your Next Video Call

Skype Digital Marketing Syracuse NYThere is a leader that has emerged in the video meeting and video calling arena during the coronavirus pandemic, and that is Zoom. With 40 minute conference calls with up to 100 attendees, businesses large and small are using Zoom as a way to stay in touch. You can even have fun with Zoom by swapping out Zoom backgrounds.

But there have been serious concerns about Zoom’s security and privacy issues, not least of which is routing significant portions of their traffic through overseas servers. The company has only addressed some of these issues at the time this blog post was written. Never one to sit back on it’s laurels, Microsoft has leveraged some of these issues to it’s own advantage and introduced “Skype Meet Now” calls that don’t require a sign-up or even installation.

Skype Meet Now

Here is how Skype Meet Now works. Skype Meet Now allows you to host conference calls by simply generating a free link with one click. You can then share this link with those you want to participate in the call and you can all enjoy unlimited meetings via Skype. According to Microsoft, the company that owns Skype, your meeting link never expires and it can be used any time you wish.

During your video conference, you will be able to leverage a variety of features, including the ability to record your call and save it for later. Skype stores your recording for up to 30 days. You can blur your background before you enter the call. This is nice for those that may have offices at home and things are not the tidiest or maybe you have children jumping in and out of the frame.

Skype Meet Now also allows you to share your screen. This makes it convenient to collaborate with colleagues and share presentations with a group. It is also worth noting that Meet Now will work on any device that has the Skype app installed. No account is needed to join calls.

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